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Theme: "Quality Geospatial Information for Local, Regional and National Development Planning"

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) is pleased to announce the second Namibia GIS-NSDI Forum 2021 to be hosted on Microsoft Teams from 25-26 February 2021.

Namibia successfully held her first GIS-NSDI Forum in Windhoek in 2018 in collaboration with DigitalGlobe. The second forum is scheduled for November 2020. The forum brings together industry professionals, academics, students and the public from across the country, and internationally to deliberate on the importance of geospatial information in spatial planning. The forum is held over a period of two days. The forum avails a platform to create national awareness of the NSDI and the importance of geospatial information in development planning as well as creating and strengthening partnerships among stakeholders. We are currently planning for a face to face forum; however, it will be hosted online should the Covid-19 situation not improve.

I. Geospatial Technologies
  • Database development
  • Web GIS and portals
  • Open source software
  • Software and application development
  • Openstreetmap
II. Geospatial Data Quality
  • Importance of spatial data quality for precise planning and decision making
  • Importance of locational quality
  • Importance of attribute quality
  • Enriching and enhancing quality in spatial data
  • Effects of using bad quality spatial data


III. The role of societies/ user active groups in the NSDI
  • Importance of student societies
  • Professionalizing GIS in Namibia (GISNA)
  • Building partnerships with government and other stakeholders
  • Create awareness of GIS and spatial data
IV. The importance of local and regional authorities in data collection
  • Collecting and updating data at local authority level
  • Collecting and updating data at regional level
  • Harmonization of data at national level
  • Anticipated official statistical-geospatial information reporting
  • Collecting and updating housing needs information
  • Updating informal settlements data


V. Spatial Analysis
  • Improving decision making using spatial analysis
  • Spatial analysis in urban and rural planning
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development programs using spatial analysis
  • Disaster and risk analysis
VI. Spatial Data Management
  • Local SDI (Municipal), Regional SDI, National SDI
  • The feasibility of open source enterprise GIS systems at local authority level
  • GIS in utility and asset management
  • Database management systems
  • Data collection and maintenance
  • Spatial data in the fight against COVID-19




Note to all

  • Venue: Virtual on Microsoft Teams
  • Date: 25-26 February 2021
  • Time: 08:00 – 13:00
  • Registration Closes: 19 February 2021
  • Contact: Ms. Esther Simasiku / Ms. Lovisa Nangombe,,, +264 (0)61 431 3200